Ahh, Summer!

Couple on a beach

With more free time, and (hopefully) a little break in the hectic pace of the rest of the year, it may be a good time to brush up on some skills or do something to move your career forward while you have some breathing room in your days.

Our Destination and Lifestyle/Niche Market Specialist programs are not only a great escape from the everyday – but are also perfectly mobile. Our PDF downloads can be uploaded to your electronic readers so you can fit whole countries or regions in your carry-on.

While the content of the CTA or CTC is a little “heavier,” returning to the daily grind armed with a new approach, new outlook, or a new commitment to your career may make the extra effort well worth it.

Now, if you are looking for a really different experience this summer, why not check out our Communiversity, the signature benefit of Premium Membership. In Communiversity, you aren’t limited to just travel-specific courses, but to a wide range of business and technology courses online ranging from 10 mintues to over an hour (depending on the topic.) Earlier in July the selection was updated with new courses – so if you are already a Premium Member, it may be the perfect time to see what else is new.

game_drive_300For fun, don’t forget two mysteries written by one of our own CTCs – Marie Moore. Her heroine, Sidney Marsh, always seems to run into adventure … even when she isn’t expecting it. In Game Drive, her latest caper, we find Sidney in South Africa preparing to launch an Africa product for her agency – and the wild animals aren’t the only excitement she will find.

Happy Summer!